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Pouring concrete in container

Request Ready-Mix Anywhere in the Tri-Cities

At Paramount Concrete we're proud to be the cost-effective choice for small, medium and large concrete projects throughout the Tri-Cities.

Whether you're planning a walkway for your home in Guelph or overseeing a large commercial project in Cambridge, our team is ready to help. Plus, we're available 7 days a week and open late! Contact us for a free quote on your project.

How it Works: The Volumetric Concrete Mixer

A volumetric concrete mixer is a truck-mounted mixing device that measures the raw materials using volume rather than weight. The volumetric mixer blends your concrete mixture using an auger device to mix the ingredients with water.

The volumetric mixing process starts with a batch metering system that allows the volume of raw materials to be measured prior to entering the mixing chamber. This process can be as simple as using a measured bucket, to highly sophisticated and computerized batch plants that feed the correct volume.

There is minimal waste and limited residual washout. That's a win-win for everyone!

Working with Concrete: A Few Tips

Use a Calculator: More specifically, a concrete calculator, to help you gauge your concrete needs.

Avoid the Rain: Be sure that when pouring any concrete exposed to the elements that no rain is in the forecast for 8-12 hours.

A Solid Start: Ensure you start your concrete project with a solid base. In most cases, 4″-5″ of gravel is recommended in areas of light traffic (e.g. walkways, patios) and 8″-10″ of gravel in areas of heavy traffic (e.g. driveways).

Rule of Thumb: 1 cubic metre will cover 100 sq.ft. at a thickness of 4 inches or 80 sq.ft. at a thickness

of 5 inches.

Ask for Help: On a typical backyard concrete project (1-3 cubic metres) you will generally require a minimum of 1 helper for every cubic metre of concrete.

Almost There: Remember to allow the ground to thaw and settle prior to starting any

outdoor concrete projects.


Ready to Roll

Small contractor with a big load? Rent a dump truck from Paramount Concrete

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The Right Mix

Our trucks deliver small and large batches according to your unique specifications


Concrete Calculator

Slabs, footings or columns; determine how much concrete you need for your project

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