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Industrial worker using concrete pipe pump for building house.


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Concrete pouring during house building, concreting floors of building
  • Q: How Do I Best Gauge My Concrete Needs?
    A: Your best bet is to use a concrete calculator to judge how much you need for your project.
  • Q: Can I Pour Concrete in the Rain?
    A: No. For any concrete exposed to the elements, there should be no rain in the forecast for 8-12 hours.
  • Q: How do I Prepare My Job Site?
    A: Ensure you start your concrete project with a solid base. In most cases, 4″-5″ of gravel is recommended in areas of light traffic (e.g. walkways, patios) and 8″-10″ of gravel in areas of heavy traffic (e.g. driveways). You should allow the ground to thaw and settle before starting your outdoor concrete projects.
  • Q: How Much Space will Concrete Cover?
    A: A good rule of thumb is that 1 cubic metre will cover 100 sq.ft. at a thickness of 4 inches or 80 sq.ft. at a thickness of 5 inches.
  • Q: Can I Do it Myself?
    A: On a typical backyard concrete project (1-3 cubic metres) you will generally require a minimum of 1 helper for every cubic metre of concrete.
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